The ATLAS project was present at the 23rd World Conference on HIV/AIDS

HIV Self-Testing in West Africa: from the Field
– Dr Aminata Saran Sidibé (Soutoura, Mali)
– Dr Patricia Zougouni (Espace Confiance, Côte d’Ivoire)
– Dr Odé Kanku Kabemba (ATLAS Project, Mali)

To see in replay :

Satellite Symposium : Towards sustainability and scability of hivst: solutions for low-and middle-income countries

Presentation by Clémence Doumenc Aïdara, Director of the ATLAS project

Presentation by Dr Safiatou Thiam, Executive Secretary of CNLS Senegal

Presentation film HIVST in West Africa

Poster: Challenges of HIV self-tests distribution for index testing in a context where HIV status disclosure is low: preliminary experience of the ATLAS project in Bamako, Mali. Sokhna Boye (Centre for Population and Development, Research Institute for the Développement, Université Paris Descartes, Inserm) et al.


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ATLAS scientific and operational data: good practices and resources for implementing a self-testing strategy.

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